www.tresbellestudio.comMinnesota health & fitness writer.

From swinging kettlebells to soaking up the latest and greatest research,
I’m addicted to playing and learning in the health and fitness world.

I write:
– Magazine articles
– Blog posts
– White papers
– Newsletters
– Web copy

I love working with people who are equally passionate about sharing high-quality health
and fitness information, both to a general and to a professional audience.

My passion has led me to cover topics like the rising popularity of boutique gyms and how health clubs can stay competitive;
exercises that increase running speed; and how to remain “present” during difficult situations, to name a few.

I’ve contributed to Runner’s WorldExperience Life, RedbookLivestrong.com, and many more.

When I’m not lifting or reading, I’m painting or watching old flicks. And trying my hardest to eat healthy while cooking as
little as possible.

Drop me a line.
E: LaurenBedosky@gmail.com